Create the perfect waves at CENTRO Hair Salon with Kevin Woo!

May 20, 2014    

Every girl with longer than shoulder length hair would ask themselves this question eventually; “Shall I perm my hair?”

Add glossy magazines images of sexy, loose wavy hair made even more popular by the Korean girls and the proliferation of digital perms images on the net; the question turns to “Why not?”



Well, here is some heads-up on whether a digital perm is for you.

Firstly, let’s us understand the process of digital perming.

In Digital Perm your hair is curled through using hot rods. The process requires machines aside from the usual liquids, substances, lotions, and curlers.

The hot-rollers are connected to a heating system (otherwise simply known as digital perm machine) and the hair would be left to set for about 30 minutes or so.


The main difference from digital perm from the usual manual “curling” or perming is that digitally-permed hair can create a more natural curl than the usual curling process once done.




Coming back to the process, a normal perm process would require a clean wash and a trim or cut may be necessary. After all, the shape of the hair should be ideal before the perming process takes place



Then pre-softening and treatment solutions are applied only at the lengths to be permed.




The hair is periodically sprayed with water to keep it moist as Kevin and his team set the perm with curlers.


The rods are hot and as an additional precautionary step and also for their customers ‘comfort the CENTRO stylists would cover the rods with sponges and cloth to protect the customer from potential heat or burns.

The cloth would not affect the effect of the curls.



After 20 – 30 minutes under the digital perming machine, the hair is given a rest time of 5 minutes to cool down before lotion and neutraliser are applied to shape the curls.

After a digital perm, you should avoid washing your hair for the next 24 hours.



Maintenance of the digital perm is straightforward and simple. Not much styling products are required but you may apply hair products like mousse, or curling cream for added style and to intensify or smooth curls.

Avoid styling products that contain alcohol, which can cause frizz.

Never fail to use some conditioner to avoid entangling curls. Besides, you would want to maintain your hair’s condition despite the curling treatment it has undergone.

After each wash, do not comb your hair. Instead, use your fingertips to lightly comb the hair and detangle curled hair if there are any.

When your hair is about half-dried, separate it into sections. Slowly curl each section using your index finger and twist it in a circular motion that goes along the direction of the curls. Do so until all sections are twirled.

Retain this until your hair is completely dry or you could blow-dry it with a diffuser.

Lastly, are you a good candidate for a perm?

If you have dry hair or a head of short layers, you are not an ideal candidate for a perm. Perms will dry the hair out even more and a perm on short, layered hair could make you end up sporting an Afro!

Not sure if your hair is a good candidate for a perm? Ask your stylist. You’ll want to tell him or her every chemical process your hair has been through in the last couple years.

One other tip: The thicker your hair, the better the perm will be.



So what say you?

Get beautiful, bouncy waves for your hair! Digitally permed hair looks great, but it’s not like they had to try very hard. It is the perfect combination of high and low maintenance hairstyle.

Be assured that your precious tresses are safe in the capable hands of our Creative Director Kevin Woo and his trustworthy/professional team of hair stylists.

See you at CENTRO soon!




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