Kay Tuan

Artistic Stylist (Outcall Services)

Artistic Stylist (Outcall Services)

With his love for creativity and irrepressible spirit, Kay is the mane man for celebrated beauties, from renowned Hong Kong artistes to leading models, earning him acclaim from the media set.

Kay’s story would read like the country mouse come to town, except that in his case, he would revel in the city’s myriad inspirations and rise to the top as CENTRO Hair Salon’s feted stylist for outcall services, seeing him hobnob with celebrities like G.E.M, Min Chen, Elaine Yiu, Tavia Yeung, Nancy Wu, Ruco Chan, Joyce Cheng from Hong Kong, as well as Amber Chia, Jojo Goh, Jane Chuck & Jeryl Lee from Malaysia.

Eschewing the conventional technique of hairdressing by blow setting, his signature style of contemporary chic is a testament of his love for experimentation and creativity, making him a regular figure at shoots for the top fashion magazines like Female, Herworld, Style, Nu You, Citta Bella, Malaysia Tatler, as well as the most avant-garde hair shows.

“With every small improvement I make everyday, it gives me immense satisfaction of growth. I love to try new things and I always believe in not holding back, because it’s only when you try that you discover how far you can go.”