Kevin Woo


Creative Director / Founder of CENTRO Hair Salon

L’Oreal Artistic Ambassador 2008-2015

They say still waters run deep, and nowhere is it more evident than with Kevin. Quiet and unassuming, this mane maestro creates his magnificent works with great focus, as beautiful men and women everywhere can testify. Celebrated as one of the leading artists in the Malaysian hair industry, this is a man whose reputation precedes him. With cause.

Grand Winner of the 2006 L’Oreal Color Trophy 2006 and three other subsidiary awards, Kevin is the definition of a great artist. Doused with copious amounts of talent and passion, his unflinching dedication to quality and striking visions are the stuff of inspiration, leading his visionary team of stylists into making CENTRO Hair Salon an experience not to be missed.

As an appointed L’Oreal Artistic Ambassador from 2008 to 2015, Kevin has travelled the globe to high-profile hair shows, seminars and training sessions in all the fashion capitals of the world. From London to Paris, Shanghai to Amsterdam, his voracious apetite for growth has fuelled his technical advancement, so much so that he represented Malaysia at the 2015 ASEAN Ambassadors Training by L’Oreal in Singapore, and will be responsible for replicating the module for similar seminars in Malaysia.

This is in line with Kevin’s generosity in sharing his knowledge and skills, not only inspiring all the hairstylists under his wing, marking CENTRO Hair Salon as a talent hub at the forefront of the industry, but also to all hair professionals in Malaysia.

Kevin’s generosity in sharing his knowledge and skill also serves as an inspiration to all the hairstylists under his wing, marking CENTRO Hair Salon as a talent hub at the forefront of the industry.

Highly sought after by the who’s who of society, Kevin’s signature precision cut is an exercise in highly-skilled technique, one that is constantly honed by his travels around the world, and this constant desire to excel is one that marks this true artist from the rest, as seen from his long line of accolades in the trophy room.

“What we provide is more than a service. We provide life-changing experiences. Like a haute couturier, every haircut, every treatment, is tailored to fit the client and enhance a beauty that is already inborn, so when you walk out of our salon doors, the real you shines through.”


“Harper’s Bazaar Hair Award 2016 – Hair Stylist of The Year – Kevin Woo”.

“Harper’s Bazaar Hair Award 2015 – Best Hair Stylist (Judge’s Pick) – Kevin Woo”.

“Best Hair Make Over in The Malaysian Women’s Spa Award 2014 & 2015”

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