Samantha Chan

Artistic Stylist

Artistic Stylist

With her extensive working stint in London, Samantha commands a cosmopolitan worldview that makes her the artist she is.

Possessing a deep knowledge of the art of hairstyling, Samantha’s 17 years in the industry has allowed her the confidence to express herself creatively, drawing an adventurous clientele who wait with baited breath for her next stroke of genius.

A self-confessed lover of anything manely, Samantha’s hands-on approach has seen her juniors emulate her work ethic, and the satisfaction from sharing her knowledge keeps her motivated and drives her to excel.

“There is a misconception sometimes that to be great, you have to be flamboyant. I have found that patience, effort and hard work are my preferred tools of the trade. But most importantly, all you do must come from the heart. That is what I bring to work everyday, I work with my heart.”